Temple University has defined international programs or group travel into two categories: Temple Branded and Temple sponsored. The following includes characteristics of the two types. Depending on the classification, programs or groups will be required to meet specific standards in order to qualify for approval for travel.

Temple Branded programs or group travel:

  • have administrative support from school/college/admin unit on Main Campus
  • advertised as a Temple organized program
  • typically involves a program leader/Temple staff or representative on site
  • has identified partner on site
  • has run at least once pre-COVID

Temple Sponsored Program or Group Travel:

  • have an agreement/affiliation with Temple;
  • does not always have a program leader/Temple staff/representative on site;
  • infrastructure onsite varies depending on partner;
  • may or may not have run pre-COVID

Unsure what your travel would be considered? Review the lists below to find your program or group type. Is your group or program missing from the list? Contact International Risk Management at international.travel@temple.edu to find out which of the two categories to which your group belongs.

Program or Group Travel Classification