Accounts Payable:

Vendor Accounts and Payment Processing

Our Accounts Payable team ensures all payments and reimbursements processed by the department are done accurately, timely, and in compliance with university, federal and state rules and regulations.  As a full-service center, the department is responsible for issuing all non-payroll disbursements in accordance with the university, federal, and state rules and regulations. Our objective is to provide the highest level of customer services to faculty, staff, students, and external customers. 


Diamond Dollars

Our Diamond Dollars program for students, employes, and departments makes buying and paying on campus as simple as carrying your Temple ID. The Diamond Dollars program is Temple's campus based debit card solution that eliminates the need to carry cash.  Everyone who has a Temple University OWLcard, has a Diamond Dollars account. Temple University departments may also take advantage of the program by applying for a Department Diamond Dollars card.