OWLcard Rules and Regulations

Temple University shall provide each member of the University community with a University ID Card that identifies the cardholder by picture, name and function. The University ID Card is the property of Temple University and must be surrendered upon demand or when the relationship for which the card was issued is no longer in effect. The University ID Card shall set forth access levels and/or access restrictions either visibly or through encoding devices on or embedded within the ID Card.

Improper Use of ID Cards

The cardholder shall be subject to disciplinary and/or criminal or civil action for:

  • Any use of or attempted use of the University ID card for purposes other than that intended.
  • Any use of or attempted use of the University ID card by any individual other than the cardholder.
  • Permitting the University ID Card issued to him/her to be used by another individual.
  • Failure to fully and truthfully report the circumstances pertaining to a lost, stolen or damaged ID Card.
  • Failure to appear and truthfully and fully testify at any criminal or disciplinary actions which may result from the report of a lost or stolen ID Card.

Reporting Lost or Stolen Cards

Lost or stolen cards must be reported to authorities immediately upon discovery of the loss or theft. Lost or stolen University ID Cards should be reported to the following authorities:

  • Diamond Dollars Office (During posted business hours.) 215-204-3140.
  • Temple University Police. (At all times) 215-204-1234.
  • Local police agencies when the loss or theft is believed to have occurred off campus

Individual cardholders are responsible for the safe keeping of his/her University ID Card. It is the responsibility of the individual cardholder to report any lost or stolen cards immediately upon discovery of the loss or theft. Individual cardholders shall not be liable for any expenditures made with his/her card once the card has been reported as lost or stolen to the proper authorities. Liability shall be limited to $50 for any card properly reported as lost or stolen. Written documentation of the theft or loss must be submitted to both the Temple University Police and the Diamond Dollar office to be relieved of any liability for loss. Where applicable, documentation must include copies of reports to local police.

Departmental Cards

Diamond Dollars issues cards that can be used by departments at their request. The cardholders must complete a Diamond Dollars Cardholder Agreement and follow all university policies pertaining to their use. Diamond Dollar policies and procedures are included here. Monthly statements must be reviewed by the cardholder and approved by a dean, director or budget unit head.

Replacing Lost, Stolen or Damaged Cards

On the main campus, you must come to the Diamond Dollars Office for replacement of your OWLcard. The fee for replacing a lost, stolen or damaged card is $20. You can pay your fee with cash, Diamond Dollars or bill your tuition. All ID Cards must be reactivated in person at the Diamond Dollars Office or via the secure website.

Replacement cards are also issued on the Ambler Campus and Center City Campus.