How to set Up Vendor accounts/payment inquiries:

VEndor Payment Inquiry

First Time Use and Password Change

First Time Vendor:

Log into the Temple University Vendor Inquiry website and enter your Temple University Vendor Number, which is located on your check stub under PAYEE ID# (All vendor numbers start with a “9" - if you are unsure of which number to use, please contact your AP representative). Then enter the temporary password “TEMPLE." Click submit. You will then be directed to a page where you will need to change your temporary password.

*Note: You may not use “TEMPLE” as a password.

Password Change:

If you have forgotten or need to change your password, please send an email to Your request will be handled within 24 hours. When your password is reset, it will reset to “TEMPLE."

*Note: You may not use “TEMPLE” as a password.

Accounts Payable Menu:

This screen will show your vendor name and vendor number, the date and time, and the following selections: Vendor Transactions, Change Password, and Submit Suggestions.

Vendor Transactions:

Clicking on this link will present a web page of the transaction that we have on file for your vendor number. The Transaction information presented is as follows:

  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Amount
  • Check Number
  • Date Paid
  • Scheduled Payment Date
  • Status

If the invoice is in the AP system, but requires additional follow-up such as a receiver, the Date Paid will show as 00/00/00 and the status will read “IN THE APPROVAL PROCESS."

Submit Suggestions:

Temple University Accounts Payable department welcomes constructive suggestions on how this page may be enhanced to serve you better. Please email us with suggestions so we can achieve our goals of serving our customers better.