Get to Know Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is an integral part of Temple University Controller’s Office.  As a full-service center, the department is responsible for issuing all non-payroll disbursements in accordance with the university, federal, and state rules and regulations. Our objective is to provide the highest level of customer services to faculty, staff, students, and external customers. 

The accuracy and completeness of Temple University’s financial statements are dependent on the accounts payable process. A "well-run" accounts payable process will include:

  • Timely processing of accurate and legitimate vendor invoices
  • Accurate recording in the appropriate general ledger accounts
  • The accrual of obligations and expenses that have not yet been completely processed

Departments are required to submit all invoices, credit memos and statements received by the vendor to Accounts Payable on time to be processed in the correct period and fiscal year. If the order requires a receiver, the receiver must be entered within 48 hours of when the goods have been received.  Receivers are entered in TUmarketplace under the Purchase Order.

Commitment to Service

Accounts Payable is committed to processing all proper invoices within five business days of receipt, or when goods and services are received. Our commitment to customer service includes a personal response to all inquiries within 72 hours. 

AP Staff Directory

The Paying Process: Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable @ TASB: 2450 West Hunting Park Avenue, Room 1-108

Accounts Payable @ TASB: 2450 West Hunting Park Avenue, Room 1-108

Philadelphia, PA 19129

Clare McGee, Senior Director

Carmen Corsino: Assistant Director, Vendor Management

Lamaas Lattimore-El: Assistant Director, Invoice Processing and Travel & Expense Reimbursement



Our Accounts Payable department works closely with Temple's Purchasing Department, who are committed to procuring goods and services for our university community customers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Wherever possible, Purchasing endeavors to add value to the procurement process by negotiating with vendors, consolidating purchases to attain volume discounts and by identifying and choosing alternative, qualified suppliers. 

Purchasing Staff Directory

The Buying Process: Purchasing

(215)-204-6700 (office)

(215) 926-2022 (fax)

1938 Liacouras Walk 3rd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19129

Donna Schweibenz, Director

Steps to buying and paying life cycle
Life Cycle of Buying to Paying at Temple University