Risk Management and Insurance

Risk Management at Temple serves to protect university assets, promote safety and accident prevention, and minimize legal liability using many tools including the purchase and maintenance of university insurance policies.

Our team also provides coordination and oversight for the sponsoring of programs and activities for minors (persons under the age of 18) on campus. All inquiries regarding Temple University's policy on minors on campus should be directed to Risk Management and Insurance.

Requests for Proof of Coverage

Requests for evidence of insurance, either certificates of insurance or letters evidencing coverage, should be sent to InsCert@temple.edu. Along with the written request, there should be a copy of the contract or agreement so specific insurance requirements can be met.


Loss, Theft, or Damage to Non-Owned Property

Temple University's property insurance does not respond to losses for non-owned property unless the University has assumed liability by way of a written contract or agreement. Risk Management must be notified prior to the initiation of a contract or agreement wherein Temple University will be assuming liability for the non-owned property. In order for a claim for non-owned property to be considered, the following must be received:

  • Campus Safety/Police Report or detailed narrative of the event giving rise to the loss
  • A copy of the agreement between the property owner and Temple University

Claims not reported within 30 days may be denied. All claims must be reported promptly to Koshy Kurien at (215) 204-5217 or Koshy.kurien@temple.edu.

For more information please contact Risk Management and Insurance:



6th Floor Carnell Hall, 1803 N. Broad Street., Philadelphia, PA 19122


(215) 204-8523




(215) 204-4426