International Travel FAQ

Can anyone travel internationally for Temple-affiliated purposes?

For the 2022–2023 academic year, the university has lifted all COVID-19 travel restrictions. Effective Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2022, faculty and staff traveling internationally may proceed with booking airfare in Concur or through World Travel if they have authorization from their school/college/division. Per the university’s international travel policy, all international travel must be registered with Risk Management’s Global Health, Safety and Security team prior to departure.

All student travelers require approval to travel internationally according with the university’s international travel policy. For individual students, see more information on our Individual Travelers page.

Faculty or staff leading groups abroad should review the processes outlined  on our Information for Group Leaders page. Students participating in a Temple Branded program or through Education Abroad should be in contact with their program leader or administrator.


Registered student organizations (with either Student Activities or their school/college) and any student traveling on Temple-affiliated international travel must follow the international travel policy. Details for international group travel are available on the Information for Group Leaders page.

Do I need the COVID-19 vaccine to travel internationally?

In light of the city’s vaccination mandate for the university as well as the worsening conditions of the pandemic due to COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine will be required for any university-affiliated international travel. 

Individuals with an approved religious or medical exemption will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Consideration will be given, but not limited to, circumstances on the ground in the destination country and current/anticipated travel conditions.

Can anyone travel internationally for personal travel?

Please note that approval is required for traveling abroad for Temple-affiliated International travel. Temple does not prohibit personal travel, though any travel during COVID-19 should be carefully considered. 

Individuals wishing to travel internationally for personal reasons that are not Temple-affiliated should consider the wide range of risks, including health risks, financial risks, academic risks, visa and entry restrictions, and the possibility of being stuck in-country for an indefinite period of time because of airport closures or entry/exit restrictions.

Individuals who do choose to travel should follow the guidance issued by the Centers for Disease Control around returning from travel. Upon their return, individuals may schedule COVID-19 testing appointments with Student Health Services.

Who defines heightened-risk travel at Temple?

Global Health, Safety and Security and the Elevated/High Risk Committee are responsible for defining heightened-risk travel for the Temple community.

Who will review elevated/high-risk destinations?

The Elevated/High Risk Committee will review all travel for elevated or high risk destinations. The Elevated/High Risk Committee is comprised of members from across the university community, specifically Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses, Risk Management, the Office of the Provost, University Legal Counsel, and Employee Health Services. The committee will consult with external and campus experts on specific requests as needed. The committee is committed to reviewing travel to elevated or high-risk destinations on a rolling basis. Global Health, Safety and Security will be in touch with travelers regarding updates and if additional information is needed.

What if my destination risk level changes during the approval process, or after travel is approved?

The safety of Temple travelers is a priority. Global Health, Safety and Security will continue to monitor locations where travel approval has been granted. In the event the risk level changes and/or the health environment deteriorates, the university reserves the right to rescind authorization or revise the conditions of travel.

Would the university's insurance cover the costs of a return flight due to COVID-19?

Because the COVID-19 pandemic is a well-documented event and is considered a “known risk” by the insurance underwriters, Temple’s international travel medical insurance and International SOS do not cover the cost of a return flight because of a COVID-19 outbreak. Similarly, Temple University will not cover the cost of flight change fees or new return flights for travelers who choose to go abroad during COVID-19. Faculty, staff and students willing to travel during COVID-19 must ensure that they are able to cover the costs of travel if they need to return to their home country earlier than expected. Faculty, staff and students who are not able, or not comfortable with, covering potential travel expenses due to COVID-19 should not travel. These possible expenses include return flights and costs associated with having to stay in-country for an indefinite period of time because of border closures.

Temple’s international travel medical insurance benefits will cover most medical issues, including medically necessary COVID-19 testing and treatment, visiting a hospital or clinic because of illness, and many other medical issues. Temple’s international travel medical insurance also covers evacuations for certain political crises and natural disasters. Temple’s international travel medical insurance does not cover COVID-19 testing for asymptomatic individuals, travel vaccinations or other costs associated with traveling unless listed in the summary of benefits. Details on the international travel medical insurance are available on the International SOS page.

Domestic Travel FAQ

Can anyone travel domestically for Temple-affiliated purposes?

Effective Aug. 15, 2021, the university will allow domestic travel to resume for faculty, staff and students. 

Is there anything required of me if I travel domestically?

Faculty, staff, students, traveling domestically for Temple-affiliated purposes are required to sign and submit a COVID-19 risk waiver prior to booking travel. The waiver is available here.

Faculty and staff can submit the waiver using the online form available in the same TUportal channel. Students should submit the form to the administrative office that is sponsoring the domestic travel.

Can I travel domestically for personal reasons?

The university does not require individuals traveling domestically for personal reasons to submit the COVID-19 waiver. All travelers must follow the guidance of the CDC upon their return from domestic travel.