Treasury at Temple is comprised of multiple service units within the finance portfolio including banking services, cash operations, debt and liquidity management, gift accounting, investment oversight, and loan servicing. This team provides excellent service and financial stewardship while applying appropriate fiduciary standards in managing the university's assets.


      • Bills for tuition and fees, including university housing
      • Provides timely information regarding students’ financial account status 
      • Accepts and processes all student payments through the disbursement of funds through Student Financial Services, third party sponsors and processing of personal payments
      • Processes and deposits funds collected by other university departments


      • Assists the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees in effectively supervising, monitoring and evaluating the investment of the university’s endowment pool, bank cash, retirement funds and other major university investments

      Risk Management and Insurance

      • Manages the protection of university assets, both human and financial
      • Purchases property and casualty insurance coverages to protect the university against risk of financial loss
      • Promotes safety and accident prevention
      • Manages related services with insurance brokers, carriers and claims service providers, and educates university constituents on claims and reporting guidelines
      • Minimizes legal liabilities and supports compliance with all federal and statutory regulations
      • Manages insurance claims related to Property Loss or Damage (PDF) and University Vehicles (PDF) 
      • Provides coordination and oversight for the sponsoring of programs and activities for minors (persons under the age of 18) on campus. All inquiries regarding Temple University's policy on minors on campus should be directed to Risk Management and Insurance: Carnell Hall, Room 600, 1803 N. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122 Tel: 215-204-8523 and Fax: 215-204-4426.