Temple University conducts business with external vendors and merchants around the globe. Vendors may create accounts with Temple University for many common processes and information needs related to handling payments, procurement of services and managing transactions. We strive to consistently meet the needs of our university customers and vendor partners. Creating a vendor account is the first step in helping us serve your vendor needs. 

Purchasing Services provides a wide range of sourcing and procurement services to the University community. We are guided by our adherence to university policies and procedures and invite employees and our vendors to review our Purchasing Services Quick Reference Guide which provides a useful summary of the various requirements for:

  • PCard use

  • Competitive bidding

  • Sole source restrictions

  • Other common purchasing situations. 

Any concerns regarding these policies should be directed to Purchasing, or the Temple University Ethics and Compliance Helpline for assistance.

Vendor Account Information

Learn more about creating a working business relationship with Temple University by visiting Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Business Services. We look forward to being of assistance. 


Travel Arrangements 

Temple University provides myriad resources for faculty, staff and visitors. To learn more about travel resources and international travel, please visit our links.

A complete list of University approved car rental and hotel accomodations is also available on the Business Services site.

Temple University Trademark Licensing Policy

All products bearing Temple logos must be purchased from pre-approved, licensed companies to ensure consistency in logo use and to ensure compliance in the manufacturing of emblematic products. Licensed vendors have been vetted for product quality and have sufficient product liability insurance in the event of a defect. All licensed vendors are also required to comply with fair labor codes. In addition, many have previously worked with the Temple community and are familiar with the design and ordering process. Using a pre-approved company will provide a fast and easy experience for you, the customer.

There are more than 100 officially licensed companies with permission to manufacture products that bear Temple's trademarks. The list of approved vendors can be found on Temple's Trademark Licensing website.