Certificate of insurance 

Liability Insurance Limits (PDF) and Verification of Insurance Requirements (PDF):  All Contractors and Vendors are required to provide evidence of required insurance coverage before commencing work on behalf of the University. Any questions regarding these insurance requirements should be directed to the Office of Risk Management (215) 204-8523. *The University reserves the right to require higher limits from a vendor for a particular project or event due to the nature of the event/project, venue or anticipated number of attendees.

Certificate of Insurance Requirements: A Certificate of Insurance  (PDF) is required to demonstrate compliance with the above noted insurance requirements. The Certificate of Insurance must:

  • Name Temple University Of The Commonwealth System Of Higher Education, Its Trustees, Officers, Employees and Agents as an Additional Insured under the Vendor’s General Liability policy. 
  • Demonstrate that insurance policies are underwritten by a carrier rated at least “A” in Best Key Rating Guide.
  • Contain a provision that a thirty (30) day prior written notice of cancellation shall be sent to the University.
  • This Insurance is primary as to any other valid and collectible insurance in force.

Forward Certificates of Insurance to: Temple University, Office of Risk Management Insurance & Treasury, 1803 North Broad Street, 6th Floor Carnell Hall, Philadelphia, PA 19122. Fax 215-204-4426. Electronic versions may be sent to InsCert@temple.edu