W-9 Forms: 

Vendor Forms 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires Temple University to obtain appropriate taxpayer identification information before issuing payments through the accounts payable system. In place of the IRS form W9, Temple University has a substitute form W9 for each vendor/individual to complete before payment is released.

Each University department is responsible for requesting the initial substitute form W9 from new vendors. Additionally, the Accounts Payable Office will annually follow IRS guidelines for requesting updated taxpayer information for existing vendors in which the University does not have a current one on file or receives an IRS notice of missing or incorrect taxpayer identification numbers.

The University will withhold taxes and submit to the IRS should a vendor fail or refuse to present a completed W9 or provides the University with invalid information. Backup withholding will continue on all payments made to the vendor/individual until an updated W9 is received.

University W-9