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Treasury & Banking

Treasury and Banking

Treasury at Temple is comprised of multiple service units within the finance portfolio including banking services, cash operations, debt and liquidity oversight, gift accounting, investment oversight, and loan servicing. This team provides excellent service and financial stewardship while applying appropriate fiduciary standards in managing the university's assets. We also assist the Investment Committee of the Board of Trustees in effectively supervising, monitoring and evaluating the investment of the university’s endowment pool, bank cash, retirement funds and other major university investments.

Temple University is pleased to announce that the university will be transitioning its business banking relationship from PNC to JP Morgan. This is a long and complex process that will require some overlap in banks until all accounts and services are fully transitioned. Throughout this process, you can expect to see changes and/or requests for updates to existing bank accounts and banking services. The transition of the business banking services has no effect on employee workplace banking which will remain with PNC.

PNC – Student banking information