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International Travel Policy

The International Travel Policy establishes Temple's requirements for university-affiliated international travel so that travelers can be connected with expertise and guidance on best practices, maximize safety and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

The policy applies to all University employees, faculty, students, authorized volunteers and guests of the university who are traveling as part of any university-affiliated international travel, regardless of funding source.


The International Travel Policy does not apply to personal travel. Examples include vacation plans and spring break.

University Affiliated Travel

What is university-affiliated travel?

Any travel by members and affiliates of the university community to an international destination which is for educational, research or business purposes and which is related to the traveler's affiliation with the university. Personal travel such as vacation is not considered university-affiliated international travel. International travel to or from global Temple campuses, such as Temple Rome and Temple University Japan, is also considered university-affiliated international travel. This includes travel by groups affiliated with the university, such as organizations, clubs and teams. This also includes travel to professional conferences/meetings related to the traveler's affiliation with the university, regardless of the funding source, including where the university travelers' costs are paid for by an outside organization.


  • Personal travel, such as vacation, voluntary board participation not affiliated with the university, or personal development not in furtherance of university business
  • Personal travel in excess of Temple's traveler insurance coverage for three days before or three days after university-affiliated international travel
  • Group travel organized by students, without administrative oversight, which is unrelated to participation in or the function of a recognized student organization, or the purpose of which does not serve the mission of the university
Do I have to comply?

It depends on the type of travel you are embarking on and your affiliation to the university. We recommend reviewing our travel policy fact sheet to determine if you have to comply and then follow the guidance throughout this website on how to comply.

Registering for International Travel

Faculty and Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and/or staff that are traveling as part of university-affiliated international travel must submit a registration form to Risk Management’s Global Health, Safety and Security team through the individual travelers site

Faculty and staff that are traveling internationally with students must first obtain group leader or administrator approval to travel before they can register.



PhD and graduate students traveling for university-affiliated international travel must apply for approval as a student, regardless of funding source, as that is their primary role at the university. 

Students traveling as part of university-affiliated international travel must first request approval and then register. Requests for approval can be submitted as an individual or as part of an organized Temple-affiliated group.