The Controller's Office

The university's financial accounting operations are performed by the Controller's Office. The Controller's Office is responsible for the development and implementation of university fiscal policies, accounting procedures, internal control mechanisms and financial systems. The office prepares all official external financial reports and processes all accounts payable transactions. The Controller's Office provides leadership and expertise as a university resource on financial information, business practices and related regulatory issues.

General Accounting

Through the development and maintenance of procedures and controls, we ensure that all transactions are made in conformity with Temple University policies and are in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the accounting guidelines established by the National Association of College and University Business Officers. Accounting operations responsibilities within Temple University include, but are not limited to

  • accounting for all investments and contributions;
  • inter-company billing and accounting for transactions between our local and international entities;
  • liaison between the university and its external auditors;
  • monitoring collections of miscellaneous receivables;
  • notifying Temple community of fund activity; and
  • reconciliations of the university’s cash, bank, asset and liability accounts.

The chart of accounts is the numbering system used by Banner to capture financial transactions and facilitate retrieval of information and financial reporting. The chart of accounts structure is composed of six elements: fund, organization, account, program, activity and location (FOAPAL). University specific account codes and FOAPAL information are available for Temple University employees on the Budget and Finance page of TUportal.

Cost and Property Accounting (Property Accounting) is responsible for the identification, recording, tracking and depreciation calculation of all capital movable and fixed equipment, land and building. Property Accounting maintains records of all capital related cost centers including construction trust funds. Property Accounting is responsible for all of the university debt accounting, reconciliation, calculation and payments.

Financial Reporting is responsible for several reports and documents available on Temple’s Public Information site including

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Statement of Appropriations earned.
  • preparing internal and external financial reports including quarterly financial statements and annual audited financial statements.
  • 990 Tax Return and 990T Tax Return.