Right to Know

The Right-To-Know disclosure is required for all state-related universities by Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know Law. Listed below are Temple University's annual IRS 990 forms for this year and the past 7 years. The state also requires Temple University to disclose the 200 highest-paid non-officers at the University which is listed under selected salary information. Additional information includes annual list of vendor contracts in excess of $5,000, our annual operating budget, appropriation requests, and Audited Financial Statements for the last 7 years.

Right-to-Know Information - Budgetary and Financial

Form 990

Selected Salary Information

Annual List of Vendor Contracts in Excess of $5,000

Budgetary and Financial

Annual Operating Budget

2024-2025 Commonwealth Appropriation Budget Request.

Audited Financial Statements

Internal Revenue Service Form 990

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General

Reports to the General Assembly

Select Salary Information