PreTravel Application FAQs

Why do I need to submit information prior to travel?

This new process is the primary step to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff during university-related international or domestic travel. The purpose of this process is to confirm that all travelers have been appropriately reviewed and it allows the University the ability to develop a robust process to notify travelers in the event of emergency while traveling. It will also serve as registration for compliance with the university International Travel Policy.

I’ve already booked travel taking place after July 1, 2023. Do I still need to complete this form?

If your travel is already approved in Concur, you do not need to take further action and there should be no disruptions with your travel reimbursement process. If you have not yet booked travel for after July 1, you should utilize the pre-travel application prior to booking. 

How far in advance of travel should requests be submitted?

We recommend that you submit requests for travel no later than 30 days prior to departure so that your supervisor and business manager have sufficient time to review the request. However, if the needs of your unit include last minute requests, we recommend letting your direct supervisor and business manager know that you are submitting the request so they can review it in an expedited fashion. 

How long does it take for travel to be reviewed after I’ve submitted an application?

This can vary from school/college. We recommend letting your direct supervisor know when you are submitting a request, as well as your business manager, particularly if the request is time sensitive. 

Who needs to review an application?

Review is required from your supervisor, grants/research fund reviewer (if applicable), and business manager. If you do not have a grants/research fund reviewer, you will only need completed reviews from your supervisor and business manager. This demonstrates that you have financial and professional support from your school/college/department for travel.  

A grants/research fund reviewer is the entity responsible for dispersing grant/research money. You might have a grants/research fund reviewer if your travel is being financed by a grant or research fund. These individuals have been identified by each school/college/unit to serve in this capacity. This is separate from the travel budget that your school/college/department maintains. 

Business managers listed have signature authorization over the org that is listed for your position. 

Does all travel require an application?

No. Only travel that includes an overnight stay requires an application. This applies to both domestic and international overnight travel.

Who is required to submit an application?

Faculty and staff that have an affiliation with the university require approval through the Pre-Travel Application Form. Additionally, PhD students need to submit an application through the Pre-Travel Application form for domestic travel. PhD international travel must follow the student guidelines outlined on our website. Dually employed faculty will only submit the Pre-Travel Application form if they are traveling on behalf of the university – not for the hospital. 

If you are booking travel for guests to visit campus, or for contractors on a grant, they do not need to submit an application. 

If I travel frequently does each individual trip need to be reviewed? Can I get a blanket review?

Faculty/staff that have frequent trips due to recruitment, alumni engagement, etc., can submit one application per semester using the recurring travel feature. 

This application should include as much information about travel occurring in that semester as possible. Faculty/staff can add multiple destinations to their application, as well as several dates in the free form text box. 

Where is the form located?

Under “University Forms” in the TUPortal as “Pre-Travel Application”. If you do not see it, we recommend clearing your cache & cookies and then logging back into TU Portal. 

Do I need supporting documentation?

Only international travel requires supporting documentation in the form of a copy of your passport’s information page. 

Can I complete this on someone’s behalf?

Yes, using the Submit Request on Behalf of Other User feature on the left side of the form. 

Why does this form include an estimate section for trip costs?

This form includes the “Traveling Funding” section so that you can provide an estimate cost as a way for your department/unit to uses the information for budgeting purposes (such as for budget forecasts throughout the year). This section will not be used to reconcile a travel reimbursement request. 

If travelers are using a cash advance or if the travel is being booked by an outside organization, indicate “No” for this section. You will use the cash advance process to reconcile your cash advance in more detail. 

If you are seeking reimbursement from your department, including travel pool, chair, grant, or research/start-up funds, you will provide estimated expenses under the “Travel Funding” section. These expenses are meant to be estimated and will not be used to reconcile your travel reimbursement. We also encourage you to review the video on the Travel Resources website.