Temple University transitioned to a Responsibility Centered Management budget model in FY2015.  In order to fully develop the model and our key stakeholders, we remain committed to learning from our experience and providing opportunities for feedback and improvement. During the spring 2017 semester Temple conducted a university-wide review to assess our progress and address any unintended outcomes reflected in three fiscal years of data. A summary of the review findings and recommendations as well as additional studies conducted throughout the review can be found on the RCM channel of TUportal.


  • Facilitate an open and transparent process, providing multiple opportunities for broad input
  • Gather both qualitative and quantitative evidence for potential model changes in time for the FY 2019 budget
  • Improve, as necessary, the processes and methods to support the guiding principles of the modeL


  • Pre-Budget Model baseline: July 1, 2013June 30, 2014
  • Budget Model Year 1: July 1, 2014June 30, 2015
  • Planning meetings with external reviewers: August 2016February 2017
  • March and April 2017: on-campus visits to conduct interviews with deans, officers and faculty
  • March 10April 11, 2017: survey deployed to 2100 faculty and 180 administrators
  • June and July 2017: preliminary data analysis
  • September 2017: presentation of findings to President, Provost and CFO
  • October 2017: share findings and recommendations
  • December 2017: determine model changes for FY19 implementation
  • July 2018:  FY2019 Budget approved by the Board

Close to 100 of our faculty and staff participated in interviews and focus groups and over 1,000 supported the review through our RCM survey, which was developed and administered at Temple University using the Qualtrics Survey web interface. The survey was administered to 2,384 full-time faculty, department chairs and administrators at Temple University yielding a 47 percent response rate. 

  • 41.1 percent of faculty and administrators in schools/colleges report they feel incentivized to contain costs
  • 30.7 percent report feeling incentivized to drive revenue
  • 12.8 percent report participating in RCM trainings offered
  • 53 percent report they are not aware of how their school/college establishes funding priorities
  • 84.7 percent of survey respondents are full-time faculty
  • 25 percent of survey respondents have joined Temple since 2013

Here are some things the faculty and staff had to say about the budget model thus far: