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Assessment of the Model

Assessment of the Model

Temple transitioned to a Responsibility Center Management (RCM) budget model in FY 2015. To fully develop the model and our key stakeholders, we remain committed to learning from our experience and providing opportunities for feedback and improvement.

Committed to continuous improvement

During the spring 2017 semester Temple conducted a university wide review to assess our progress and address any unintended outcomes reflected in three fiscal years of data. A summary of the review findings and recommendations from the first institutional review as well as additional studies conducted throughout the review can be found on the RCM channel of TUportal.

In fall 2021, we again collected data through a survey (n=2,787) and interviews (n=25) to assess our progress on the major recommendations from our first review—leadership and governance, expertise and capacity, data and reporting, and service levels. In addition, we surveyed every support unit and school/college through their annual workbook submission for their assessment and performance measures relative to Temple’s RCM environment, and have compiled a summary of the data.