Sexual and Gender-based Harm Abroad

Temple University students and travelers who experience harm abroad have the full support of the Title IX office, Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses, and Global Health, Safety, and Security. If you experience harm, there are several resources available to support you.

It’s important, too, to understand the legal and cultural differences that may exist when seeking help while abroad. Temple staff are trained to respond with empathy and support to guide you through the resources available so that you can make an informed decision about what you wish to pursue or not pursue.

Not all countries treat sexual violence the same way. and, legal systems in certain countries require that local law enforcement be notified if a sexual assault is reported to an organization like a hospital or university, regardless of the wishes of the parties involved. In others, laws affecting the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people differ greatly from the U.S. For example, if same-sex acts are illegal in your host country and you are presumed to have engaged in them, you could be arrested and imprisoned in that country.  

On-site Support

Counseling and medical care are available in your location, covered 100% by Temple’s International Travel Medical Insurance and can be arranged through International SOS, Temple University’s international assistance provider.

International SOS provides support for individuals who have experienced sexual assault and can serve as a confidential resource if you do not consent for them to inform Temple staff. Sexual assault cases receive the highest level of attention within the International SOS assistance center and are overseen by medical staff specially trained in supporting sexual assault survivors.

You can reach International SOS 24 hour per day, 7 days per week at 215-942-8478 or chat with them on their app for assistance in seeking medical care and/or counseling.

On-site staff for your program can help you make appointments and may be able to assist you with notifying local law enforcement. Please contact them on the emergency contact number for your program or utilize the information below.


Temple University Rome

Francesca Cuccovillo, Associate Director, Student Life

Temple University, Japan Campus

Nicole Depres, Director, Office of Student Services

Main Campus

Andrea Caporale Seiss, Title IX Coordinator, and her deputy, Jen Rowe, can help students who may need additional accommodations, including academic support, while abroad and/or upon their return to campus. Andrea can be contacted directly at or a report can be filed online through the Title IX website.