Planning Travel? 

Booking a point-to-point trip using Concur via the TUportal is simple and easy. However, when the trip includes international travel, multiple cities and group travel consider contacting the World Travel agency directly for assistance at 800-474-4740.

Travel Agencies

The complexities involved with planning travel are sometimes better served by a professional travel consultant. Temple University partners with several agencies for university related travel arrangements. 


Temple University partners with many Philadelphia hotels to mazimize the comfort and convenience for university employees and guests. If you are in need of university related lodging please visit Temple Partner Hotels. 

International Travel

There is a 24 hour travel assistance program available for all faculty, staff, and full-time students who travel abroad for research, for a University approved program, or as part of the undergraduate educational experience. The program is provided by Temple University and is administered by International SOS. This medical and security assistance program provides emergency response as well as online services and travel information. Students, faculty, staff or other employees with a current passport or student visa, who are temporarily traveling or residing outside of their home country of regular residence, as part of a school activity or program, may also be eligible for International Travel Medical Insurance. 

Additional information can be found at Temple University Global Assist Program.