The Budget Office is responsible for the planning, development, implementation, and administration of Temple University's operating budget. This entails the preparation and submission of the Annual Operating Budget for Board of Trustees' approval, Annual Allocation Plans and ensuring our financial resource decisions are aligned with the institution's defined strategic planning objectives and timeline.

Additionally, the office is responsible for the preparation of the University's Commonwealth appropriation request to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The current FY 2023 Operating Budget Commonwealth Appropriation Request reflects the mission and vision of Temple University.


The appropriation helps to offset Temple’s education-related costs, so we can pass those savings on to Pennsylvania students in the form of lower tuition. The annual state appropriation supports the Temple’s core educational mission, and uses the state funds to pay for the necessary expenses to educate students, including salaries and benefits for faculty and staff, utilities and facilities upkeep, and technology needs. These are expenses that the University would otherwise have to charge to in-state students through tuition, absent a state appropriation.


Temple approaches the tuition-setting process from the outset each year with a goal of keeping any increases as low as possible. That goal is dependent on a variety of factors, including enrollment estimates for resident and nonresident students; state appropriations; cost-saving opportunities; unavoidable cost increases related to contracts, employee benefits, and goods and services. For more on this topic check out this article about the state-related universities and their commitment to access and affordability.


The following budgetary and financial resources are also publicly available

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Jaison Kurichi, Associate Vice President, Budget and FInance


George Metro, Director, Budget


Adam Hohner, Budget & Financial Planning Analyst


Kevin Thomas, Budget & Fiancial Planning Analyst