Temple University Licensing

Temple University has a long-standing policy of protecting the symbols that are associated with its name and its reputation as one of the finest universities in the country. Temple owns and controls its names and other marks, logos, insignias, seal, designs and symbols ("trademarks") that have become associated with the institution.

In addition, and in order to comply with and assure protection under federal, state, and international trademark laws, Temple University is required to monitor and control all uses of its trademarks. Unauthorized use of Temple trademarks is subject to civil and criminal penalties. Temple reserves the right to take appropriate action when confronted with unauthorized use of its trademarks. Such actions may include confiscation of the goods, financial penalties, and legal action.

Temple requires that all individuals, organizations, departments and companies, both internal and external, obtain prior approval before producing any product(s) that will display the university’s trademarks, regardless of the method of distribution.

The purpose of the Temple University Licensing Program is to protect the integrity of the institution's trademarks and to ensure such trademarks are used in an appropriate manner.

Temple's Trademark Licensing Program is administered by the Office of Business Services, is overseen by the Associate Vice President of Business Services, and is in partnership with CLC.