OWLcard Mobile Checklist

Make sure that all the following conditions have been met BEFORE you attempt to download your OWLcard Mobile:

You have an approved photo on file. Not sure? You can verify this in TUportal: 

  1. Select Student Tools Tab

  2. Select Get My TUid from the left-hand navigation.

  3. If you see a photo of yourself on your OWLcard, you are good to go.

  4. If not, You must submit a photo to owlcard@temple.edu with your name and TUid# or make an appointment to visit the OWLcard Office to have a photo taken.

  5. You are registered for orientation or for the current/upcoming semester.

  6. You are attending a domestic US campus.

  7. Your phone has NFC (specifically for Android) and it is enabled

  8. ApplePay or Google Pay is enabled

  9. Apple iPhone Region setting is United States. ApplePay does not work in other regions.

    • General>Language & Region>Region = ‘United States’

  10. Apple iPhone Settings>Screen time>Content & Privacy Restrictions>Content Restriction>Web Content = ‘unrestricted access’

Checklist complete?

Let's go to set up and don't forget to complete the Multi-Factor Authentication Next Step in TUportal. This will appear in the Student Tools tab under Next Steps.