Administration and Planning:

Administration and Planning provides support for the Senior Vice President and CAO portfolio through:

  • Policy management
  • RCM (budget model) oversight
  • University's Administrative Council
  • Financial and business continuity planning
  • Web and communication

Administrative Council

There are over 100 active members of the Administrative Council who represent 6 domestic campuses, 17 schools and colleges, and the various departments that support the university enterprise. The Council meets four times during the year for timely updates on policy, procedures, systems and information related to fiscal roles and responsibilities 

Financial and Business Continuity Planning

FBCP ensures the university's financial and business operations are resistant to any type of disruption and works with all areas within the CFO portfolio to ensure regular planning and testing. The purpose of FBCP is to establish plans and priorities to direct financial and business service operations in the event of a disruption. Your department's FBCP will be critical to expedite the restoration of business services as quickly and completely as possible, and provide for alternate processes and locations of business services during the disruption.  we have developed a platform on Canvas; designed to capture and distribute resources and training for each department to: develop, maintain, and test their continuity plans. There is a module for each department with access to existing plans and the ability to update content for plans at any time. Our goal is to keep this initiative aligned with other emerging needs addressed throughout the university: compliance, assessment and measurement. A sample template of our FBCP planning tool is available for interested parties. 

Strategic Media

Provides oversight and content development for Gateway to Finance websites and the Budget and Finance channel in TUportal.


Contact Information

Meet the Staff:

Katie Peach D'Angelo

AVP, Chief of Staff

Moira Stoddart Trapper

Director Strategic Media