Scope of Work:

Beginning in FY2019, this committee will focus on mechanisms for defining services, setting expectations, measuring impact, and validating funding. Based on the annual budget planning cycle, this committee will meet four to six times each year to select central support unit(s) for assessment, prioritize the development of SLAs and KPIs, and assist with the evaluation of proposals for new funding. The committee will be comprised of deans and central service providers, serving rotational appointments, who have an interest in supporting the following tasks:

  • Conduct operational review to evaluate effectiveness of existing services provided by central units
  • Understand the market-based pricing methods and quality expectations for services
  • Review and approve internal charges based on established principles to keep costs both low and fair
  • Develop and prioritize opportunities to document feedback and identify gaps
  • Establish performance management framework for each service provider, including key performance indicators and service level agreements
  • Test and pilot framework and supporting processes with a selected central service provider


  • Ken Kaiser, Chair and VP, CFO & Treasurer
  • Susan Cahan, Dean, Tyler School of Art & Architecture
  • Katie D’Angelo, AVP Administration & Planning
  • Richard Deeg, Dean, College of Liberal Arts
  • Marylouise Esten, Deputy Provost
  • Jaison Kurichi, AVP University Budget
  • Jonathan Reiter, AVP Finance, Budget & Capital Expenditures, COO
  • Amid Ismail, Dean, Kornberg School of Dentistry
  • Greg Mandel, Dean, Beasley School of Law
  • Steve Lengkeek, Vice Dean Finance and Administration, College of Public Health
  • Bill Wilkinson, Sr. AVP Finance and Administration, Provost