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Sexual and Gender-based Harm Abroad

Sexual and Gender-based Harm Abroad

Temple University students, faculty and staff who experience harm abroad have the full support of Temple’s Title IX office (IDEAL), Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses, and Global Health, Safety and Security. Temple staff are trained to respond with empathy and support to provide resources for medical care, counseling and reporting to local law enforcement so individuals can make informed decisions about actions they wish to pursue or not pursue. 

Cultural Context 

Sexual harassment, gender bias, misconduct and violence of any kind is never the fault of the person experiencing harm. This is true regardless of the circumstances, relationship between those involved, location of incident, and real or perceived cultural differences between the individuals involved. 

It is however important to be cognizant of the legal and cultural differences that may exist when seeking help from local resources abroad. Not all countries treat sexual harm the same way.  Some legal systems require that local law enforcement be notified if a sexual assault is reported to an organization like a hospital or university, regardless of the wishes of the parties involved. In extreme circumstances, survivors can find themselves in violation of local laws or legal religious edicts related to alcohol, drugs, interpersonal and sexual relations. For example, if same-sex or extra-marital relations are illegal in the host country, an individual presumed to have engaged in them, can be fined, arrested, and imprisoned for non-consensual activity.  

The local U.S. embassy or consulate can often advise on appropriate local law enforcement contacts and considerations for reporting specific types of crime. In addition, TU Global Health, Safety and Security can provide consultation in conjunction with TU’s Global Assistance Provider and additional professional resources.  

Support Resources for Temple Travelers  

On-site support options for Temple travelers:  

  • All students, faculty and staff traveling on Temple affiliated travel can access counseling services through TU’s Global Assistance Provider, Healix. Their toll-free 24/7 emergency assistance line +1-267-855-1884 or through the Healix Oracle app

  • Travelers can access 5 virtual counseling sessions per incident.  

  • Healix can also arrange ongoing counseling through counselors and therapists.  

  • Healix can also arrange medical care for injury and post-exposure prophylaxis medication prescribed by a medical professional.  

This assistance is covered 100% by Temple’s International Travel Medical Insurance plan.  

Confidentiality disclosure: It is important to note that while the details of conversations with counseling arranged through TU’s Global Assistance Provider are confidential, TU Global Health, Safety and Security does receive case notifications. Case notifications name the individual insured, identify the provider used and references ongoing treatment. TU GHSS does not share case notifications to internal (TU staff) or external (emergency contacts) constituents. 

Students Support Abroad

On-site staff for Temple student programs abroad can also help arrange appointments and assist with notifying local law enforcement. Please contact them on the emergency contact number for the program or utilize the information below: 

Confidentiality disclosure: TU faculty and staff are required to report disclosures of sexual harm abroad. Reporting is limited to the Title IX office (IDEAL) and TU Global Health, Safety and Security, TU Legal Counsel and in limited instances Student Conduct. Initial disclosures are not shared to other internal (TU staff) or external (emergency contacts) constituents unless authorized by the disclosing individual.


Main Campus Reporting and Support through IDEAL 

Confidential reporting options for Temple Travelers 

Students can confidentially report harm to: 

  • Tuttleman Counseling Services 
    • Phone: +1-215-204-7276 
    • Note Tuttleman counselors cannot provide virtual or distance counseling or therapy to individuals abroad. 
  • Temple University Rome professional counseling staff on site 

  • Temple University, Japan Campus professional counseling staff on site

Faculty and Staff can confidentially report harm to: 

Non-Temple University confidential reporting resources: