TU Global Assistance Provider

All faculty, staff, and students traveling abroad for Temple-affiliated travel are covered by Healix International. Healix’s comprehensive and integrated health and safety services provide Temple University travelers a single point of contact to access care globally 24/7/365.

One call to the dedicated Temple Assistance Helpline at +1-267-855-1884 instantly provides Temple travelers with access to medical and security professionals for real-time information, advice, and support.

The University, its trustees, employees, agents, subsidiaries, or affiliates, are not responsible for the quality of any services provided by Healix International.

Membership & Coverage

Temple University students, faculty and staff traveling abroad on registered Temple affiliated international travel will be enrolled as members in Healix International’s coverage as well as Temple's international travel medical insurance plan.

Coverage is provided to all members of the Temple community on a blanket basis.

Registering your travel with Healix International

Individual Travelers

As outlined in the Travel and Expense policy, all travel must be booked through World Travel and/or Concur. After submitting a pre-travel application form in TU Portal, faculty/staff can proceed with booking through Concur and/or World Travel.

Faculty/staff travel booked through Concur and/or World Travel is automatically registered with Healix International.

Faculty/staff travel booked outside of Concur and/or World Travel must register their travel by forwarding an email copy of their confirmed travel itinerary to . This email must be sent from the AccessNet Email Account of the individual traveling.

Individual undergraduate, graduate and professional students traveling abroad on Temple-affiliated international travel must first complete the pre-travel approval process before registering their travel. Note that students holding staff roles at the university, such as a RA (research assistant) or TA (teaching assistant) are classified as students under the International Travel Policy and therefore must adhere to the student travel approval protocol. Upon receiving approval, students will be provided with guidance as to how to complete their registration.

Education Abroad and TU Organized Group Travel

If you are traveling abroad as part of a university-organized group (e.g., education abroad programs, athletics trips, approved student organization/service-learning trips), your group leader (or an administrator organizing your trip) will register your group travel with Healix International and collect the appropriate international travel forms from you (at least one month prior to departure).

All international group travel must first request approval to travel. As part of the approval process, group leaders will submit an enrollment template (opens in excel download) to register their group.

Pre-Trip Guidance & Advice

All Temple travelers registered with Healix International receive a pre-travel advisory email and a health and security country report about their destination(s) 14 days prior to their departure.

Access to comprehensive and real-time information on general travel advice, vaccination requirements, hospitals, embassies, business and social etiquette for all countries and major global cities can be accessed at any point via:

Temple travelers who would like to speak with Healix International prior to traveling can contact them via email at or through Temple’s Assistance Helpline at +1-267-855-1884.

During Your Trip

However minor or serious, if Temple travelers have medical concerns while traveling, they should first contact Healix International on Temple’s helpline +1-267-855-1884 or through the Healix Oracle app. Healix’s Medical Operations team will provide immediate assistance 24/7/365 and when appropriate, identify vetted clinics, hospitals, or doctors. Where available, they will also provide a pre-treatment financial guarantee of medical costs covered under the international travel medical insurance plan.

In a safety or security emergency, Healix’s Emergency Response Team will reach out on Temple’s behalf via the Healix Oracle app and email to alert travelers, initiate check-in on Temple travelers in the impacted area, and assist travelers in crisis. Healix will arrange all necessary resources to coordinate expedient evacuations and repatriation when necessary.

The direct Temple University helpline to Healix is included on the downloadable Emergency Contact Card.