Temple University’s Risk Management and Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses want to provide guidance as well as assist in the event of an emergency or crisis abroad. In order to do this, all Temple students travelling outside of the United States for activities that are Temple affiliated are required to take the following steps before departure. Temple affiliated travel, including study abroad and other official university programs and/or activities, is prohibited in countries or areas within countries with a Travel Advisory Level 3 (“Reconsider travel to”) or 4 ("Do not travel to"), according to the U.S. Department of State’s Travel Advisory System. Temple affiliated travel is also prohibited in countries or areas within countries rated as high or extreme travel risk by International SOS. For additional information on travel to a high-risk country, contact International Travel Risk Management.

Important Steps


Should you have any questions while preparing to travel on Temple sanctioned international travel, feel free to be in contact with Risk Management at international.travel@temple.edu or at the contact information below:

Jacleen Mowery
Director, International Risk Management Risk Management and Treasury
(F) 215.204.4426
Lisa Zimmaro, Esq.
Assistant Vice President Risk Management and Treasury
(P) 215.204.8523
(F) 215.204.4426