Temple University’s Risk Management and Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses want to provide guidance and best practices to faculty, staff, and/or students organizing international travel for groups as well as provide assistance in the event of an emergency or crisis abroad.

An overview of the program development and implementation cycle for program leaders is outlined below. This includes how to verify your international travel is Temple affiliated, preparing prior to departure, steps to take on site, and returning to the U.S. safely. Below are details regarding the process of obtaining approval as well as group leader responsibilities throughout the entire program cycle. 

Steps to traveling abroad for group administrators:

Timelines for Planning 2020-2021 Travel

Program Departure Date

Preliminary Proposal Due Date

Spring Semester-Long Programs

September 11, 2020

Spring Break Programs

November 1, 2020

Spring departures in April/May

November 1, 2020

Summer Programs (departures in mid-May to end of June)

December 1, 2020

Summer Programs (departures in July through mid-August)

January 31, 2021

Fall Semester-Long Programs

February 28, 2021