Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Diamond Dollar account?
Your Diamond Dollar account is a convenient way to make purchases on campus. Just deposit funds into your account and the need to carry cash, checks, or credit cards is eliminated. Your University ID ("OWLcard") will instantly access those funds on deposit.

Will I be charged for a Diamond Dollar account?
No, there is no charge to establish a Diamond Dollar account.

How much do I have to invest if I only want to try the Diamond Dollar program?
There is no minimum deposit required to begin using Diamond Dollars; however, we suggest a $250 deposit to really give the program a try.

What is the $1.50 transaction fee?

When using a credit card to add money to your Diamond Dollars account there is an additional $1.50 online processing convenience fee charged by the credit card company. To avoid this fee, we accept cash or checks in person or via mail at our office and cash in person at our Value Transfer Station on the second floor of the TECH Center. Employees have the option to automate their monthly deposit using the payroll reduction plan.

Can I withdraw cash from my Diamond Dollars account? 
No. Money deposited in your account can only be used for purchases. Once deposited, funds will not be refunded unless an individual is leaving the university, and then only amounts in excess of $10.

Do I lose the money in my account at the end of the semester? 
No. Funds in your account rollover semester to semester and year to year.

Can I put money into my account by charging it to my tuition? 
Each Fall and Spring semester, students who are registered and confirmed may deposit money into their Diamond Dollars account by adding it to their tuition bill. This option is only available for the first few weeks of the semester. We recommend discussing this option with anyone who may be paying or assisting with tuition bills, as this will INCREASE your tuition bill.

How will I know what my Diamond Dollar account balance is?
You may access your balance, at any time, through the Diamond Dollars web site or ask a cashier when you make a purchase.

What if I want to know where I have spent my funds?
Diamond Dollar account transaction information may be accessed through the Diamond Dollars web site.

How long can I use my Diamond Dollar account?
Funds are available as long as you are a student, faculty, or staff member in good standing.

Is there anything that I am prohibited from buying with my Diamond Dollars?
Gift Cards of any kind and any illegal products or activities cannot be purchased with Diamond Dollars.

Can my Diamond Dollar account be charged without my permission?
All charges require the presentation of your OWLcard (Temple University ID). You will not be held accountable for a charge to your Diamond Dollar account once you have reported the card lost or stolen. (See details in the Rules and Regulations).

How should I best protect the funds in my Diamond Dollar account?
Since the account information is stored on the magnetic stripe on the back of your OWLcard, we recommend you observe the following precautions: 
     • Safeguard your OWLcard at all times
     • Do not lend your OWLcard.
     • Avoid storing your OWLcard next to magnets 
Report lost or stolen OWLcards immediately to  our office (215-204-3140) or to the Temple University Police (215-204-1234).

Can I make a deposit by phone? Where can I make a deposit? 
No.  You can make a deposit either in person at our office, the Value Transfer Station (VTS) at the TECH Center, or on our website.

Can I use my Diamond Dollars to purchase parking services?
Yes, but Parking Services operates on a separate system. You cannot use your Diamond Dollars to enter the parking lots. You must go to the Parking Services office inside the Montgomery Garage (1859 N. 11th Street) to transfer your Diamond Dollars to your parking account.

What is a "Printing Allocation" ?
A Printing Allocation (or "Print Quota") is a non-cash amount distributed to all currently enrolled students to be used for free black and white laser printing at Temple.  At the end of each six-month period any remaining balance is deleted and you receive a new quota if you are enrolled in upcoming classes.  There are no refunds or transfers for unused quota balances.  For more information, see

Can I use my Printing Allocation for other Diamond Dollars purchases ?
No.  Your printing allocation has no cash value and can only be used for laser printing in Temple's computer labs.

How can I see my current Printing Allocation balance ?
You can see your current balance in the "Printing Allocation" section of your Diamond Dollars web account.  In a computer lab, swipe your OWLcard at any printing terminal, then touch the "Account Balances" button on the lower left side of the screen.  This will display your individual Printing Allocation and Diamond Dollars balances.

How do I close my Diamond Dollar account?
Cardholders must submit a written request for refund to the OWLcard/Diamond Dollar office. Students will be refunded through their tuition account. Faculty and staff will be refunded in their final payroll payment. (See details in the Rules and Regulations).

Does the OWLcard office provide Passport Photos ?
Yes.  We currently take passport photos Monday-Friday, 10:00am-3:00pm. A set of two photos (provided for your application) is $10.

Any questions, problems or comments can be directed to .