Building Access

Access to University Buildings

Temple University strives to preserve an open access environment while still restricting access to certain University Facilities to faculty members, employees, students, and authorized guests.  Providing proper access facilitates the university’s educational, research and employment goals within a safe and secured environment.

All persons accessing University Facilities should be prepared to provide valid identification upon request. University students, faculty members, and employees are expected to present a valid OWLcard.  Requests and authorization for access to University Facilities will be accomplished by the completion of a Building Access Request form located within TUportal.

Requesting/Approving Access

Each school, college, department, and unit must designate an Access Coordinator that will manage and review all requests for such access. In the event that an individual’s access requirements change, the individual will be required to notify his or her area Access Coordinator and make the appropriate changes, including the return of keys/ACDs. These circumstances can include but are not limited to: (1) access changes in their current area of employment (2) leaving the university, or (3) accepting employment in a different area of the university. The employee’s supervisor and/or Access Coordinator will ensure the timely change in access or removal of access. Internal Audits may include the management and review of access privileges as part of school, college, departmental, and unit audits. Access plans that are not periodically reviewed or do not adhere to the policy guidelines may be revoked or modified by the OWLcard administrator.